Choice of data entry interface for street signs


The project Street Sign Generator needed a simple and fast mechanism for entering the street and house number. And I wanted to immediately see the approximate appearance of the future Sign. But since all layouts are variable — that is, the size depends on the content — the solution to this problem did not come immediately. And if a different character width is a solvable problem, then different styles on the same line have become a stumbling block.

Having tried 3 options for displaying previews, I now know almost all the pros and cons of different solutions. For the development of future tablets or signs, this store of knowledge and developments, of course, will come in handy.


Experience: how to lose a document while saving it


We all know that Illustrator can crash. We have all taken out a document from backups more than once, which Illustrator himself regularly makes. We all scolded Illustrator and ourselves for not making an additional copy of the document.

And then I remembered a case when it was pressing "Save" that led to the irrecoverable loss of the document content. I am sure that you will not face a similar situation, but the experience is interesting.


Dynamic poster for New Year 2021


Hello everyone! Today I want to congratulate you on the upcoming New Year 2021!

And what kind of holiday can be without a poster? Therefore, I came up with a poster for the New Year, but this is not a simple, but a dynamic poster! After all, this is still a blog about scripts for Adobe!