Yekaterinburg address plate generator

Generate printable PDF files directly in the browser

The generator allows the creation of PDF files according to the design guidelines for address plates.

The generator instantly creates 1 and 2-pages files in CMYK for production or preview.

All texts are converted to curves, i.e. no font is required to open the file in production.

How it works

The PDF generator works in any browser. You simply go to the website, select the desired street from the list, choose a template and enter the house or entrance number. Done!

What the generator does:

  • selects the font size;
  • checks the correctness of the house number: length, letter, building;
  • places elements according to design rules;
  • uses the correct transliteration;
  • uses the correct generic word with or without abbreviation (street, lane and others);
  • makes 2 pages in a PDF file separately for the street name and house number;
  • adds arrows to the right or left;
  • breaks lines in long names according to words or according to set rules using soft hyphenation "shy";
  • shows a preview of the file on a beautiful medium of the required size;
  • converts the font to curves;
  • adds a background to the file for trying on;
  • generates a unique file name for all table parameters.

And most importantly, everything is strictly by the design guide, no mistakes!


Super handy!

Can you imagine how long it would have taken to create one plaque according to all the rules? Улица Венгерских коммунаров, дом 23/4, корпус 5а

And in the generator it takes 10 seconds! By selecting a street and entering the house number, you can look at all the layouts at once:


All layouts in one place

All the different layouts are placed on one page in one form. By specifying the street and house, you can switch between templates without losing data.



A PDF file is generated for the preview, a transparent image of which is superimposed on the rendering of the future media.This is not an approximate image, but rather the final PDF file that will be created when downloaded.

If the layout is created on 2 pages of a PDF file, a separate transparent page is superimposed on each part of the body 😎.

The preview shows all dimensions in millimetres for all media. You can download a file with background for fitting, or without background for printing.

Font: kerning and conversion to curves

The characters in the layout are positioned exactly according to the guide, taking into account the kerning and tracking. All letters are converted to curves, there is not even any information about the font used in the final PDF file.


Streets, avenues and boulevards

For generic words, the full spelling and abbreviation rules are used, including in English:


Restrictions and tips

When creating a layout, there are rules that must not be broken.

For example, a house number cannot be longer than 3 digits (without a letter). In this case the generator will write a message and will not let you create a layout:


But there are also recommendations that appear but allow for the creation of layouts.

For example, if a number suddenly contains both a block number and a building number:


Or the generator will tell you that the arrow numbers must be both even or odd:


Painstaking work that will no longer need to be done when creating street signs.


Try this generator and order one for yourself.

Yekaterinburg address plate generator - Generate printable PDF files directly in the browser | Product Hunt

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